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help you to compete in the global market!

Too much downtime due to breakdown?

Can you imagine solving a malfunction even before it happens? With MICAxPD it is possible!

Easily and quickly to install the MICA xPD KIT you can "feel" your machine's vital signs, allowing you to anticipate and avoid production stoppages, to carry out maintenance  not planned.



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Other MICA solutions...

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productivity improvements &  OEE


THE KIT  MICA xPR  provides the  information  in  performance   that affects every machine in your factory.  Therefore, MICAxPR can provide a great improvement in results

through the verification of improvements and optimizations of the process to be done.   


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workplace improvements


The MICA XPT is designed as an aid in the production process.
It brings together all the components of that workstation in a single interface, guiding the operator through the entire process.


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