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Are you measuring your compressed air expenses ? Did you know that around 30% of the compressed air produced is wasted ?

Compressed air is an essential part of most industrial processes. However, despite being less expensive, its production must be seen as energy that must be used rationally in order to make the production process profitable.

Are you making the most of your compressed air network? The components that  uses are the appropriate ones? Or are they causing you to lose efficiency?


In most industrial installations with compressed air, it is possible to adopt several measures to reduce energy losses. It is common to find installations whose exploitation of production and air treatment equipment is not the most adequate, resulting in lower production yields than would be reasonable, resulting in higher energy consumption, which means increased production costs for the companies.

Interested in how to improve the quality of your pneumatic system?

FXautomation has experts who can help you. With our know-how, and the best products - from the SMC brand, world leader - we will draw a cost/benefit plan with the necessary changes so that you can use “clean air”, extend the machine's life, protect the environment, and save energy.

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