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Conveyor Systems

Correia transportadora

Conveyors are systems often used in assembly lines in the most diverse industries.
They are used to transport products with the minimum effort and cost involved. The conveyor systems are in constant development and are a critical element in the manufacturing units and process.

Even though conveyors may look simple, it is necessary to choose the one that best applies to the desired use.

Types of Convoyers

Belt Convoyer


Roller Convoyer

Carpet Convoyer

Slat Convoyer


Air Convoyer


Other types

Tailor-made conveyors

From manufacture to storage, conveyors are a must have element for the materials handling systems and the manufacturing process. However, it is important to choose the right type of conveyor to increase your productivity and decrease the inactivity time. 

That is why FXautomation has numerous conveyor system solutions as well as costume fit solutions just for you. 

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More information on our conveyor systems is available through an episode of our own YouTube channel, which can be accessed by the following link.


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