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help you to compete in the global market!

About us

Since 2003 FXautomation is  a company with a high sense of mission and professionalism, which has given us the satisfaction of working with companies of different scales and different markets: automotive, food, pharmaceutical, among others...

With over 15 years of experience, FXautomation has become a recognized company in creation/project  of systems,  industrial machines and distribution of industrial components,  that allow the  cost reduction and increased customer productivity.

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We create and design customized systems for you.

If you produce  machines, automatisms or you have a factory. If your company's strategy is based on  quality and innovation as competitiveness factors , don't waste time, get in contact!


We will be happy to jointly define with you the implementation of processes and measures aimed at achieving your goals.



The close  and specialized relationship with important partners,

allows us to have a high knowledge and optimization level of the solutions we install.

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Our mission is to design and create customized industrial systems and machines.  Provide the best products and services by cooperating with the best brands in partnership.  Improve customer competitiveness by reducing costs and improving productivity.


FXautomation aims to be recognized as a partner for industrial solutions and products and for its professionalism and quality in the solutions presented.


Our aim is the customer, and for that reason we cultivate a partnership relation with all customers and suppliers based on values as Innovation/Quality/Integrity/Confidentiality/Rigor/Security.

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