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Grundfos develops its activities around sales and technical assistance of high quality hydraulic pumps and pumping systems. Aims to contribute to a better life quality and environmental preservation.

Besides being solution-technology partners we also supply components for your machines!

Grundfos Bombas Pump


Pumps come in a variety of designs and choosing the right one depends on the job you need it to perform. This overview will help you better understand the different pump designs and find the one that is right for your system.

Grundfos Pump Bombas

Pump Systems

Grundfos pump systems are designed to fit your application needs, from standard pump kits and units to complete pressure booster packages and engineered-to-order pumping systems.

Grundfos Pump

Digital Dosing Pumps

Intelligent dosing pumps are the ideal solution for any kinds of complex dosing in less aggressive environments. Offering a high level of accuracy, digital dosing pumps not only reduce the chemical waste, but also the energy bill.


Pump Controllers

Pump controllers from Grundfos are designed to support a wide range of Grundfos products. These pump control systems are all constructed to be easily integrated into larger systems, making them an ideal solution if you are looking to gain complete control of pump systems.


Mechanical Dosing Pumps

Get a complete overview of the robust, diaphragm-based mechanical dosing pumps from Grundfos for demanding water treatment and industrial applications.


Pump Motors

Grundfos & FXautomation offers a comprehensive range of intelligent, energy-efficient pump motors for use in a variety of pumps and applications. Integrated frequency converters in motors help to ensure that the pump motor efficiency remains at an optimal level.

Other Grundfos solutions!

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