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What if we tell you that your manual data collection is probably doing you harm ?

Do you collect data from your shop floor?
Does it do this automatically or manually?

Manual data collection is directly associated with human error, low reliability, loss of useful time in the treatment of collected data, loss of information, among others.

Have you come across these situations?

How many times have you been forced to make decisions without specific information about your production?!

The automation of data collection using specific tools for this purpose can bring you numerous benefits. For example:

  • Accurate Data Collection – there are no more failures in data recording due to human error, making the data reliable;

  • Automatic and Secure Registration – information is automatically collected and registered through a database, allowing the allocation of that time to perform other tasks;

  • Information available in real time – possibility of immediate data monitoring, allowing informed decision-making;


Do you have any of the above suggestions in place? Need help implementing them?

FXautomation has trained professionals who can help you overcome situations like the ones described above.
Discover our real-time data collection systems that can help you increase productivity, and reduce costs and risks in the production process.

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