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Is the compressed air on your production line as good as it should be?

Although poor air quality is not noticeable to the naked eye, we cannot ignore this factor. There are certain telltale signs, such as leaks, repetitive component failures, water in the production line, among other signs that directly affect the quality of the air produced.  and increase energy consumption.

Are these situations familiar to you? Is the compressed air circulating in your network harming you? How many times have you seen your products rejected for lack of quality?

Compressed air treatment is essential to maintain its quality at all times during the production process. This treatment will help you not only to guarantee the quality of the products produced, but also to improve the performance and useful life of the machines.

Interested in knowing how to improve the

quality of your pneumatic system?

FXautomation has experts who can help you. With our know-how , and the best products - from the SMC brand, world leader - we will draw a cost/benefit plan with the necessary changes so that you can use “clean air”, extend the machine's life, protect the environment, and save energy.

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Did you know that around 30% of the compressed air produced is wasted?

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